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Recently students from our B.L.A.S.T. Program (Banner Lake After School Time) had the opportunity of visiting the Jupiter Island Club for their very first field trip through our Chapter.

We could tell by the smiling faces that the field trip was a huge success. The students started out with a review of COURTESY towards others and golf course safety. The children then proceeded to work on balance, direction, and proper stance. Lastly, they headed to the putting green to play an extremely intense game of tic-tac-toe with putters and golf balls.

“After ten years in youth development, I am overly impressed with The First Tee and the values that are taught to the youth. Our students in Banner Lake are in great need of this valuable life skills program,” said Banner Lakes Program Director, Scott Simone.

A special shout out to Banner Lake supporter and Jupiter Island Member, Missy Crisp for making the trip to Jupiter Island possible! Also, special thanks to Director of Golf Course Maintenance Rob Kloska and the golf staff for organizing the day for us.